Connecting Developers Across Campus



The NC State Developers group consists of web and mobile application developers from across campus. We love getting together to talk about web stuff, and to share ideas on new technologies and tools. Join us!


Part of being a developer is building networks. In order to facilitate this need, the Office of Information Technology regularly organizes co-working days where any and all developers are welcome to come and collaborate with us and others, or even if you just need a break from the office.

Occasionally, we organize presentations for folks to come and speak about the cool things they’re working on. This sort of ongoing discussion promotes innovative thinking and constant growth, and it’s a great opportunity to practice future conference talks! Admittedly, COVID-19 as well as significant turnover in some of the units primarily involved in presentations has put a damper on our activities. But we are working behind the scenes to try and build back some momentum. Stay tuned!


Several groups within OIT provide office VIRTUAL hours:



To further improve the spread of information and awareness between developers, we leverage Google Groups and Slack to reach out to one another.

Just under 200 developers are currently subscribed to the NCSU Web Developer mailing list. There simply is no better way to get your message out to the masses, and get feedback in return. If you aren’t already a part of the list, we highly encourage you to join it!

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More recently, the Developers group has taken to Slack to improve the way we as developers communicate with each other.

Slack enables us to keep the conversations going throughout the week, as well as to help provide a direction for specific topics like conferences, trends in technology, and even to assist with planning and discussion about Co-Working.

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